Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wooden Pledge, by Michael Josephson

The Wooden Pledge

The tidal wave of praise and tributes commemorating Coach John Wooden's passing makes it hard to add something new. My effort is the following pledge derived from his Pyramid of Success and some of his favorite maxims. I invite you to take the pledge and pass it on to others.

(Learn how Coach Wooden helped launch our Pursuing Victory With Honor campaign and see a video of him talking to Institute president Michael Josephson here.)

I pledge to improve and safeguard my character and to myself be true

being faithful to my convictions in all I say and do.

I will strive to do what's right and let my conscience be my guide

knowing my worth is measured by what I am inside.

I'll take on each day enthusiastically and give every task my all

I will not whine, complain, or make excuses, even if I fall.

I will live my life with purpose, thinking ahead and having a plan

I will never allow what I can't do to interfere with what I can.

I will find opportunity in adversity and do things right the first time through

and never be afraid to change or to try something new.

I will be patient, poised, and confident, working toward each goal

being sure to govern my emotions and demonstrating self-control.

I will count my blessings daily and be grateful for what I possess

getting joy from moderation and avoiding all excess.

I will work hard and take initiative in order to excel

and I'll make big things happen by doing the little things well.

I will pursue victory with honor, not letting praise or criticism change how I act

and I'll strive to be worthy of pride and emulation, in reputation and in fact.

I will be sincere, honest, and loyal, worthy of other's trust

I will be respectful and responsible, doing what I must.

I will always act with fairness and show others how much I care

and I'll be a good citizen and always do my share.

I will live my life with dignity, passion, and fun

and make each day my masterpiece when all is said and done.

*Derived by Michael Josephson, of the Josephson Institute of Ethics, from the writings and philosophy of Coach John Wooden.


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