Sunday, February 14, 2010

More on Motivation: Knowledge Workers like Progress

More on Motivation: Knowledge Workers like Progress

Catherine Gewrtz, EdWeek, make great observation here that the ability to see progress is a great motivator.  Check out Harvard Business Review, ”this is worth a look.”

Catherine continues:
It’s an argument for the importance of feeling that you are making progress in your work. The authors studied “knowledge workers” of many stripes, and found that recognition, incentives, interpersonal support and clear goals are not as high on the motivation scale as that sense of making progress in your work.”
Some schools and students will soon jump from no data to full keystroke data (tracked responses to instructional experiences to the keystroke level).  The instantaneous feedback, as we see from game playing, is addictive and instructive.

The power of individualized learning models (eg, RISC in Alaska, AdvancePath, EdVisions) is the ability for students to influence and monitor their own learning path.

Progress is motivation.

And motivation is everything in life and learning.

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  1. I worked for Neal Beets for several years. His management style was the most productive I've seen in 55 years of being in the workforce. His secret was simple: hire good people; believe in them; give them their heads; encourage and praise their contributions in time, talent, and industry. When I worked for Mr. Beets I was sorry when Fridays would come and happy to greet each new Monday when it arrived. When someone stands behind you saying, "I believe in you," work becomes a pleasure and idleness something too endure. It was the best work experience of my life.
    Richard Talbot
    Code Enforcement
    City of Roseville, MN