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16 Secrets for Dealing with an Empty Tank « Leadership Freak

16 Secrets for Dealing with an Empty Tank « Leadership Freak

16 Secrets for Dealing with an Empty Tank

You can’t lead with an empty tank.
16 energy drainers:
  1. Incomplete tasks.
  2. Responsibility without authority.
  3. Proving you’re right rather than seeking best solutions.
  4. Following urgencies rather than priorities.
  5. Pretending you’re something you aren’t.
  6. Feeling alone and disconnected.
  7. Procrastination. Go do that dirty deed before it does you in.
  8. Negative people and complainers.
  9. Reactive rather than proactive living.
  10. Incompetence both in you and others.
  11. Living for the approval of others.
  12. Uncommitted teams.
  13. Unmotivated individuals.
  14. Being taken for granted.
  15. Backstabbers and gossips.
  16. Bitterness and resentment.
Bonus: regret.
Thanks to the Leadership Freak Facebook crew who inspired the list of energy drainers.
16 ways to fill your own tank:
  1. Develop the team around you.
  2. Trust someone.
  3. Humble yourself to a trusted advisor. Find someone who listens to the things you really think but don’t feel you can say.
  4. Hang with can-do rather than can’t-do people.
  5. Begin asking, “Does this matter?” Do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.
  6. Find a brag buddy and share your successes and accomplishments. Brag buddies celebrate; they don’t diminish or out do.
  7. Stop something without starting something new.
  8. Hire a coach. Mine is Bob Hancox.
  9. Build friendships outside your organization.
  10. Finish a task.
  11. Spend time in self-reflection.
  12. Change a routine.
  13. Breathe deeply.
  14. Pray.
  15. Create gratitude lists.
  16. Forgive.
Bonus: sleep.
Treat yourself like you matter because you do.
What drains your tank?
How do you fill your own tank?

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