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What’s good about conflict? by Dan Rockwell

What’s good about conflict? « Leadership Freak

What’s good about conflict?

By Dan Rockwell

One author suggests that managers may spend up to %50 of their time dealing with conflict. With that in mind, it makes sense to get the most out of such a time consuming activity.

Leadership Freak readers indicate that conflict can serve a good purpose. Doc wisely observes, “Do we really need to ‘resolve’ conflict? From many conflicts and discomfort comes the clear need to change, progress, and grow.” (You make conflict worse when you …) He and others made me think about the good side of conflict.

Five good things about conflict

Conflict causes pain. Many observe that we don’t change until the pain of clinging to the present seems worse than the pain of changing. If conflict motivates us to change for the better, it’s a good thing.

Conflict may push against inertia. Individuals and organizations usually tend to stagnate. Conflict is a wake-up call that the status quo isn’t working.

Conflict may end negative relationship-cycles by motivating us to enhance our people skills. When I see a pattern of conflict in my own relationships or those around me, it’s time to address a counter-productive relationship pattern.

Additionally, working to solve conflict is the fertile soil of creativity and innovation. Innovation is the potential of conflict.

Conflict challenges teams to refresh team dynamics. Without conflict teams may drift along producing mediocre results.

Two suggestions

Confidence in our self and others helps relieve some of the stress conflict causes. Believe you can find a solution.

Focusing on organizational or personal mission and vision helps explain, direct and give meaning to conflict.

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