Saturday, December 13, 2008

Isn't It All about Balance?

As I ponder what is entailed in living a good life, I am drawn to the notion that it is all about balance.

Balance between.....

Work and Play

Planning and Doing

Thinking and Feeling

Concern for Others and Concern for Self

Research and Intuition

Passion and Indifference

Change and Consistency

.........and many other tendencies that are often (but not always) at odds with one another.

It is hard to know in particular situations which tendency to emphasize. What is appropriate at one time and place is inappropriate in the next. And, fine gradations can make big differences.

So we muddle through, never quite sure we are making the right choices or even asking the right questions.

But the challenge energizes us as much as it mystifies.


  1. Balance, while at times elusive, is also essential. You've penned truth here Neal. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective!

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