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The 8 Strengths of Humility

I ask G.J. Hart, when he was CEO of Texas Roadhouse, if he could spot emerging leaders. He didn't rule out talent, education, or leadership presence, but he replied, "I can usually tell if they have the humility to make it."

Hart's statement so deeply impacted me that I wrote about humility in, "The Character Based Leader."

Humble leaders are stronger than arrogant leaders.

Humble strength vs. arrogant weakness:

  1. Humility learns; arrogance knows.
  2. Humble leaders submit to noble values; they won't bend. Arrogant leaders bend rules to their advantage.
  3. Humility listens; arrogance talks.
  4. Humble leaders serve others; arrogant leaders serve themselves.
  5. Humble leaders are free to build up others. Arrogant leaders build up themselves.
  6. Humility opens hearts; arrogance builds walls.
  7. Humility joins; arrogance stands aloof.
  8. Humble leaders connect; arrogant leaders disconnect.

Humility enables leaders to ask, "How can I help?"

Thanks to Kristi Neises on The Leadership Coffee Shop for reminding me of this C.S. Lewis quote:

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself
but thinking of yourself less."


Leadership skills are important for leadership success but humility is necessary. I'll take a less skilled humble leader over a more skilled arrogant leader every time.

Arrogant leaders might succeed but they'll never be successful. Can you think of any leadership skill that isn't more beautiful with humility?

The Path:

Leadership is first about character then about skills. Spend more time developing the practice of humility and less time working on leadership skills.

You can't talk your way into humility; it's always practiced.

See Facebook contributions: The Leadership Freak Coffee Shop.

What strengths do you see in humility?

How does arrogance hinder or destroy leadership?

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